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Game Recap: Dominican Republic 5, Mexico 3

The Mexican team actually played a decent game in this one, behind the solid if unspectacular pitching of former Florida, Texas, and San Francisco journeyman Michael Tejera.  Unfortunately for them, the Dominican team was just too good.  The player of the game for the Dominican Republic was Jose Fernandez, who hit a home run  and a double.

Not a whole lot of craziness to report today.  El Aguilita only dressed up in one crazy costume, which I can’t even begin to explain here, nobody was injured or ejected.  You’ve gotta admire these Mexican fans for showing up every single day and staying in the game until the last out given the way there team has played all week.

This will be my last update from the Caribbean series.  I’ll stay through part of the Puerto Rico/Venezuela game, but I have to go home and pack.  Pack for where you ask?  Okinawa!  That’s right, the next time I check in, I’ll be covering the Japanese league’s spring training in the Ryuku Islands.

Okinawa is controlled by but ethnically distinct from Japan: Okinawans practice their own religion, speak their own language (of which I speak not a word) and are geographically located closer to Taiwan than Japan.  I have very little idea what to expect, but it should be a blast.


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