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Red Sox 2007 International Signings

Same as the Yankees post: divided into Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Misc. International, and Misc. Latin America. I include certain Caribbean islands where they don’t necessarily speak Spanish in the Misc. Latin America category because, well, it’s convenient, and I don’t really feel like giving the Dutch Antilles its own category.

An aside before I list the amateur signings: the Red Sox seem to have signed live-armed Venezuelan pitcher Edgar Guaramato away from the Seattle Mariners. Guaramato was converted to the mound relatively late in his career (I believe at age 20), and rated as a top-20 prospect in the Northwest League by Baseball America during the 2005 offseason. He throws low-90s and consistently strikes out better than a batter an inning, but suffers from some pretty severe control issues. Guaramato’s a longshot at best after putting up an ERA north of 5 in relief in low-A last year, but not a bad free get by the BoSox scouting department.

Onto the new names.

Dominican Republic

Angel Beltre, OF, 17, $575,000

Oscar Tejada, SS, 17, $525,000

Juan Bonifacio, OF, 18

Eudi Cordones, 3B, 20

Marcial de Nieve, 18,

Eddie Lara, 1B, 18

Wilfred Pichardo, 2B, 17

Stolmy Pimentel, 17, RHP

Manuel Rivera, LHP, 17


Anthony Alvarado, RHP, 17

Pedro Chourio, 3B, 17

Alberto Conzalez, RHP, 19

Leandro Morin, RHP, 18

Ernesto Reyes, LHP, 16

Maykol Sanchez, C, 19

Misc. International

Michael Lennox, 3B, 17 (Australia)

Misc. Latin America

Randy Consuegua, RHP, 17 (Columbia)

Dennis Neuman, 17, RHP (Curacao)


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