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The folks at the Hardball Times decided to put my article from the 2008 Annual up on their website.  Check it out.  It goes into a little more detail about what I did on my Watson year than I have here at globalbaseball.


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Buy the Hardball Times Baseball Annual

The Hardball Times 2008 Baseball Annual comes out this week.  I’ve been a customer since 2005, and this year I wrote an article for them on a handful of the experiences I had during the past year.  It was a fun one to write, and I hope people enjoy it.  

Instead of putting up an Amazon ad, I’ll just refer you to your local independent bookstore to get ahold of a copy of the best yearly publication of baseball analysis around.  You can also grab a copy at THT’s website.   Lest people think this a shameless plug, I’ll add that I make no money on sales of The Hardball Times.

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