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2007 Australian Academy

Hat tip to friend of Global Baseball David Cairns, who sent along a link to information for the 2007 list of players invited to the 2007 MLB Australian Academy. The names can be found here. While Australia’s been pretty short on impact talent lately, anyone you see signing this season out of Australia will almost definitely come from this list.

Occasionally, teams will sign an international kid and, if they are unable to get him a visa in time, they’ll pay him a rookie-ball salary and have him work out at the Australian Academy to get ready to begin affiliated ball the next season.

The players at this year’s academy who are already signed:

Justin Erasmus, RHP, Red Sox
David Harriot, RHP, Red Sox
Michael Lennox, INF, Red Sox
Elliot Biddle, LHP, Twins
Taylor Rowe, RHP, Twins
Kable Hogben, RHP, Diamondbacks
Jacob Reust, RHP, Indians
Ryan Searle, RHP, Cubs
Angus Roeger, Phillies, OF
Lachlan Hodge, Mets, LHP

Deep-minors prospect divers can check out the stats for the MLBAAP here, but keep in mind they mean absolutely nothing.

RHP Tim Stanford, one of the unsigned pitchers out of New South Wales, auditioned for a few teams last year, but experienced a sudden drop in velocity at the exact wrong time.  He was hitting the upper-80s with a decent curve as a 17-year-old last year, but was only throwing 82-83 come tryout time.  He was described by Australia’s #1 player agent Trevor Jarret as “my star prospect” half a year ago, so if his stuff’s back this summer, he’s a likely sign.

Keeping the kids company are a pair of 20-year-olds from Korea and the Czech Republic.


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  1. Thanks for the list. Being a Australian myself I wish the Yankees would do more things down here 😦

    Comment by Mitchell (Yankee fan) | June 30, 2007

  2. Jon

    One of the other big reasons signed kids go to the MLB Academy is that they sign at 16/17 and stay here in Australia to finish high school before going to the US. Jason Smit did this last year before starting at rookie ball this season; Smit spent three years at the Academy.

    FYI, July 2, Jason Smit homered, singled and had five RBI.

    It is often said that Australian kids are inexperienced when they arrive in the US due to only playing once or twice a week here, so the more top level experience they can get the better.

    This years MLB Academy coaches are: Dave Nilsson (head coach), Rod Carew, Pat Kelly, Luke Prokopec and other top Australian coaches.

    Comment by Dave Cairns | July 3, 2007

  3. Dear Sir:

    I’m a nineteen-year-old baseball player in Portland, Oregon, who is currently playing for the Pacific Javelinas in the Northwest Collegiate Baseball League here in the northwest (Oregon & Washington). I’m contemplating taking a year off college this coming year, beginning this September, and am looking for a venue to play baseball over the winter. I’ll have four years of eligibility when I return, and would like to get in as much baseball as I can in the meantime.

    Is it conceivable that I could go to Australia and play baseball this September, and stay until our summer begins next June?

    If so, how would it work? Could you tell me a little bit about the fees, living arrangements, work opportunities, etc. please?

    Thank You,
    Grayson Motsch
    17360 Hunter Court
    Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

    Comment by Grayson Motsch | July 10, 2007

  4. Cleveland Indians are the first club to sign a player from this years Academy on the Gold Coast. They have signed Trent Baker 17yrs from Brisbane. Trent is a LHP and an outfielder and the Indians are going to have him play the outfield initially, keeping his pitching skills in mind of course.

    Trent will finish school this year and then attend extended spring next season and return to the Academy.

    Comment by Trevor Jarrett | July 27, 2007

  5. hello, I am matt hixson 18 years old from southern california. I played for West Coast MVP last year when we travled to play at your acadamy. Rod Carew I beleive told us that if anyone from our team wanted to join you guys, that we were all invited. I actually took a year off this year and am only practicing with a local JC team so that i could play for your MLB Academy this summer, your winter of 2008. I think i got your number from Harry Grumet but if you could email me all the info that would be great since the phone charge would be a little pricey since i do live on the other side of the country. Thank you

    Comment by Matt Hixson | March 17, 2008

  6. yer

    Comment by tilling is homo | March 22, 2008

  7. Hi my name is Forrest Rice i am 22 years old and am looking for another shot at baseball anywhere i can find it. I played two years jc and then a year pro ball with the rangers. I signed as a free agent and struggled a little and was released the following spring training, i haven’t been able to get back into ball because of financial issues. I’m in the best shape of my life and can still compete so i’m just looking for another shot at glory. If anybody could give me information on this australian baseball league it would be greatly appreciated, just any kind of information, age limit? resume? Travel? Any and every piece of info would be a great relief, thank you and hope to hear from someone!

    Comment by Forrest Rice | July 23, 2008

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