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Carlos Triunfel: Menace 2 Society

Dominican bonus baby Carlos Triunfel lost hold of the bat 3 times in 4 ABs today.  One of his slip-ups almost took out a bat boy and a kid in the stands.

Hey Carlos, Moises Alou might just have some advice for you…


April 21, 2007 - Posted by | Carlos Triunfel, Random Musings

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  1. thanks for the laugh. of course, not all fans know what alou does to keep his hands soft and flexible. the only problem is alou’s hands weren’t tough enough to get the ball that the steroid crazed fan steve bartman called for and caught in the 2003 playoffs.

    like reading your articles. although i was hoping to get information on japanese baseball players that might be coming to the us in 2008 season. i can see that’s not in your mission statement. nice job here.

    Comment by william rettig | June 2, 2007

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