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Results Match the Hype

Now that Felix Hernandez has delivered arguably the two best pitching performances of the young 2007 season in his first two starts, I think we can safely say that Venezuela boasts the two greatest pitchers in the world.

David Ortiz, on Felix Hernandez’s 1-hit shutout of the Red Sox, courtesy of

“He had the best stuff I have seen in the last five or six years” Sox slugger David Ortiz said of Hernandez. “He could have a career like you couldn’t even imagine. Nolan Ryan. Pedro Martinez. Curt Schilling. He could have a career like that if he takes care of himself.”

Felix’s current line: 2-0, 17.0 IP, 0ER, 4BB/18K, and perhaps most impressive, 29 groundouts to 4 flyouts.

His game scores for his two performances were 86 and 87, easily the two best performances of the year by that crude measure. His opponents? A team that made it to the ALCS last year (albeit one with an injured lineup) and arguably the most potent offense in the American League.

Oh, and he just turned 21 four days ago.

Felix Hernandez is here to stay.


April 12, 2007 - Posted by | Felix Hernandez, Venezuela


  1. Carlos Zanbrano is also capable of wining the Cy Young award.

    Comment by Richard | April 13, 2007

  2. Very true Richard, though I’m not sure I would call him the runaway pick for third best pitcher in baseball. In my opinion, Johan and Felix are 1/2 right now, and the only debate is about which order to put them in. I imagine others will need to see a few more starts from Felix before they agree with me.

    Comment by JH | April 15, 2007

  3. Good players always do their talking on the baseball field and Felix Hernandez and Johan Santana are not exempted from such an obligation. Perform, they must in order to be considered good enough to win the Cy Young.

    Every Training Session Counts and it is of paramount importance that players attend every winter, spring and summer training sessions since it will allow the coaching staff to measure the progress of their game by trying skills, which they would learn in training, time and time again so that they will be able to implement them properly during league games. Indeed, baseball is one of the most complex sports in the world and it requires a huge amount of concentration and real time in order to learn it correctly so that you can play, enjoy and talk about the game with other people interested in the sport; yeah, it is a must to mastering the basics of the game in order to benefit from playing it. I have always said that the difference between a good player and an average one lies in the way the former is able to do the basics right time and time again and look in control when doing so. Like every important thing you do in life baseball requires you to be consistent and focal at all time. There is no buts or afterthoughts when dealing with a ground ball or a fly ball you must have anticipated before hand what to do with the ball so that the decision you take is the right one to make the play. Nevertheless, the beauty of the game is that you never stops learning about it but no masterpiece of this size can be credited to just one person since it is a team effort after all as there are nine different players all playing very different positions and each position having its own set of demands.

    Comment by Pedro Figueras | May 10, 2007

  4. Extraordinary People the Venezuelans are

    Throughout the existence of organised baseball, teams and players have been haunted by dreams of celebrity’s status and timeless existence and perpetuation have always been in the mind of a sportsman. I would be a sinner if I were to deny that such a thought never crossed my mind, and Felix Hernandez and Johan Santana are not exempted from that reverie. Nevertheless, every generation or so, there emerges a baseball player who is a little better than anybody else and, indeed, that player must have the capacity to excite the imagination in a way that no other player can. He must have a brave heart and be thirsty for success and do his talking on the field of playing but accept nothing less than everything. Felix Hernandez and Johan Santana have that potential. These two Venezuelan national players have followed the path of a number of their compatriots who made their mark in Major League. Albeit, Venezuela’s contemporary state of affairs has been solidly influenced by oil revenues which has turned the country into one of the most industrialised and wealthy nations in Latin America it is also well-known for their world famous baseball players, such as Alejandro Carrasquel, Alfonzo “Chico” Carrasquel, Luis Aparicio, Enzo Hernandez, David Conception, Tony Armas, Cesar Tovar, Victor Davalillo, Roberto Marcano, Camaleon Garcia, Oswaldo Guillen and Johan Santana. In fact, between 1939 and 2007, 199 baseball players born in Venezuela played baseball in the Majors. I can’t really say who the best of them was – I like them all equally but I can categorically say that Venezuela is a hotbed for Major League players.

    Pedro Figueras
    Head Coach

    Figueras Baseball Academy

    Comment by Pedro Figueras | May 10, 2007

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