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Next Year’s Signing Period

Baseball America and the New York Times have highlighted 4 Dominican outfielders on the early schedule for showcasing, but from what I’m hearing, this year’s Latin American crop is going to be heavy on pitching.  Two 16-year-old pitchers, one a rare top target from one of the several training programs on the fields adjacent to the Estadio Olympico in the middle of Santo Domingo, and the other from San Cristobal, are generating considerable buzz.  Apparently one of them has already turned down an $800,000 offer (though of course, any such offer would have to have been under the table, since we’re well in advance of July 2).

The top bonus I’m aware of for a “July 2” pitcher (that is, a 16/17 year old Latin American player) is Francisco Liriano’s $900,000 bonus back in 2000.  There may be a signing I don’t know about, but in any case, it’s only a matter of time before someone exceeds Liriano’s mark.  Maybe this is the year.


March 17, 2007 - Posted by | Signing Period


  1. so this kid maybe sings a deal like angel villalona did last year he better be good !!!!!!

    Comment by norberto paulino | March 18, 2007

  2. I don’t suppose you have the names of either of these chaps?

    Comment by aCone419 | March 19, 2007

  3. Nope. Not yet.

    Comment by jhelfgott | March 19, 2007

  4. hey I also heard that there is a outfield named jose jose generating buzz and that he might have alredy sign with the red sox and that the deal won’t be anounced until july 2 can you confirm that for me.

    Comment by norberto paulino | March 22, 2007

  5. What´s venezuelans?

    Comment by Javi Flowers | April 25, 2007

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