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Yankees 2007 International Signings

The most frequent question I get is whether or not I have information on any new international signings by team X. Almost always, the answer is no. At this point in the season, however, a lot of teams have released their media guides, both in hard cover form and .pdf. I have access to the latter, and figured I’d throw up a list of all of a random team’s new signings. Will I do this with all 30 teams? Almost certainly not. Will I do it again? If someone asks me for a specific team, sure.

We’ll start with the Yankees. I’ll add salary information when I know it, but I don’t have any new information since posting my list of known international bonuses back in January. For convenience’s sake, and because it’s important to me to see who’s scouting where (for research as well as contact purposes), I’ll break the signings down by country (read: Dominican, Venezuela, and Other).

Dominicans: (Name, Position, Age)

Aris de la Cruz, INF, 17
Jairo Heredia, RHP, 17
Ariesky Lupaix, OF, 18
Jimmy Paredes, INF, 18
Yaquensi Romero, OF, 17
Damian Taveras, INF, 17, $200,000
Jose Toussen, INF, 17
Carlos Urena, OF, 17, $350,000


Alberto Acosta, INF, 17
Francisco Arcia, C, 17
Juan Mercano, LHP, 16
Jesus Montero, C, 17, $1,600,000
Jose Pirela, SS, 17, $300,000
Yohanny Reyes, RHP, 18


Rogelio Noris, OF, 17, Mazatlan, Mexico

Almost all of these guys will be playing on one of the Yankees’ two Dominican Summer League teams come mid-June.

Non-DR or Venezuela areas where the Yankees are most active: Mexico and Panama.


March 6, 2007 - Posted by | Signing Period


  1. I would love to see a list of Texas Rangers signees from the last year or two. I read somewhere that they signed something like 15 guys during this years signing period. But I can’t find names or bonus amounts anywhere. Appreciate your help.

    Comment by Phil Case | March 6, 2007

  2. Hey guys is there any way you could post s list or lead me to a list of all the Mets international signings this past year ?

    Thank you in advance !!!

    Comment by Eduardo S Fernandez | March 7, 2007

  3. Mets please!! Thanks and great site!

    Comment by bob | March 7, 2007

  4. Could you please post a list of internation Met signees during 2006? Thanks.

    Comment by Tejesh | March 7, 2007

  5. would love to know whom the mets signed besides tony pena’s kid.

    as you can see, what you give to the yankees you must now return the same for the mets (previously referred to as the other ny team).

    Comment by jerrell | March 7, 2007

  6. Please update the Red Sox signings if you have access. Thank you!

    Comment by Dominican soxfan | March 7, 2007

  7. Could you please post the Met signings please. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Comment by Famousdaproduct | March 8, 2007

  8. Lists for the Mets plz.

    Comment by Mack Roberts | March 8, 2007

  9. i second (or third or fourth or whatever) the request for the mets list!

    Comment by David S | March 14, 2007

  10. please do the list for boston and the mets .

    Comment by norberto paulino | March 16, 2007

  11. Texas Rangers signings please.

    Comment by max | April 16, 2007

  12. Will you people stop asking for other teams list? This is the Yankees list. No one cares about the rest 😀

    Anyway, what’s up with Noris? Did we really sign him or what? Because he is playing in the Venezuelan Summer League for the VSL Pirates.

    Comment by Mitchell (Yankee fan) | June 30, 2007

  13. Rogelio Noris is playing with the VSL pirates not with The yankees go to MILB.COM and look for it

    Comment by yo | June 30, 2007

  14. Huh. Norris was in the Media guide as a Yankees´ signing. No idea what happened there.

    Comment by jhelfgott | June 30, 2007

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