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Latino Sports End of Year Awards

Latino Sports has released their end-of-year awards for Latino baseball players, voted on by the press corps at the Caribbean Series.  Not too many surprises in any of the categories.


AL: David Ortiz

NL: Albert Pujols

Pitcher of the year

AL: Johan Santana

NL: Carlos Zambrano

Rookie of the Year

AL: Melky Cabrera (I voted Francisco Liriano)

NL: Hanley Ramirez

Relief Pitcher of the Year

AL: Mariano Rivera (I voted K-Rod)

NL: Salomon Torres


February 9, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Torres??

    Are you in Okinawa yet? I have a few more questions about Juan Dolio…What about food? What do you remember eating that was great?

    One thing that confuses me though…the exchange rate. It seems that good hotels can be had for $10 a night (US). It goes up and down almost weekly it seems. Did you see a lot of this kind of thing?

    Have any photos of Santo Domingo or Juan Dolio?

    Comment by Brian from Mississippi | February 10, 2007

  2. Ha…I actually voted for Torres. There really weren’t any good Latin American relief pitchers in the NL last year. Torres was basically a blind pick-em.

    Re: the Dominican, you can’t go wrong with seafood, but in most places it’s frustratingly expensive for how prevalent it is. Honestly, Dominican cuisine isn’t all that great beyond the standard beans, rice, and avocado-based salad (which happens to be one of my favorite meals). It’s pretty cool to eat bananas that have actually been tree-ripened as opposed to the tasteless things we Americans eat, which are picked prematurely so they can get to us before going bad. Yucca and tostones are pretty much love ’em or hate ’em.

    The exchange rate for DOPs is about 33.5/1USD. I don’t know about hotel prices jumping around from day to day, but you can definitely get a decent, safe place outside of Santo Domingo for around $10. Just read reviews before you book if it you’re looking online, and expect a power outage or two. It’s part of the island’s charm.

    Comment by jhelfgott | February 11, 2007

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