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Day 3, Game 2: PR/DR

This is the big one. Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are natural rivals, and for good measure, the winner of this game will be the last undefeated team left in the series. This is the first game of the series that’s filled Roberto Clemente Walker stadium – official attendence is about 16,500 in a stadium that seats 12,000, and the atmosphere’s as charged as any game I’ve ever attended..

Boxer Victor Trinidad threw the first pitch, and the Puerto Rican crowd went just about as crazy for him as they do every time Juan Gonzalez comes up to bat. Unlike Carlos Baerga yesterday, the ball actually made it all the way to the catcher today.

Pre-Game: The Aguilas’ Parrot is back! Chris Kline thinks it looks more like a chicken, but I’m sticking with parrot. This time he’s dressed as a Native American chief, waving the Dominican flag. The Aguilas definitely have the weirdest mascot I’ve ever seen.

[Update] Top 4th, 6-0 Dominican Republic

Puerto Rico finds itself in a big hole after the abbysmal performance of Jonathan Albaladejo – 1IP, 7H, 6R (5ER), 1BB, 0k

Juan Gonzalez is the only player with intro music – imagine Frank Sinatra crooning in Spanish: it’s about like that.

If Puerto Ricans outnumber Dominicans in the stands, it’s by a spread of about 52-48. Dominican flags, on the other hand, outnumber Puerto Rican flags about 10-1.

Speaking of the fans, Dominican fans pretty much kick Puerto Rican fans’ asses when it comes to enthusiasm. There’s more cheering for a bases empty single on the Dominican side than when Puerto Rico had the bases loaded in the top of the second.

[Update] Top 8th, 12-0 Dominican Republic

So this turned out to be a much less exciting game than I thought it would be. Not too much to say, other than that this one was over after the bottom of the 1st.

2 out of the last 3 games, the guys manning the PA have messed up and done an 8th inning stretch instead of a 7th inning stretch. I’d say that’s just the way they do it here, only sometimes they get it right.

Also, the soda cans here inexplicably hold only 11.27 ounces.  Clearly, both Coke and Pepsi have decided to pad their wallets by depriving Puerto Ricans of .73 ounces with each can sold.  Damn them!


February 5, 2007 - Posted by | Caribbean Series

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