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Day 4, Game 1


Dominican Republic vs. Venezuela. If the DR wins this game, the series is pretty much over. They’re not going to lose to Mexico tomorrow.

What will we see out of the Aguilas’ parrot today? It’s anyone’s guess. Yesterday we saw:

*Native American Chief with massive headdress

*A VERY strange cross between the Hulk and Big Bird (he had green hands, and kept doing the hulk flex, and did a slow-mo power walk across the field, but for some reason he had a big blonde wig on)

*A matador

*A samurai costume complete with katana sword which he pretended to use on one of the Puerto Rican batters.

Oh yeah, and there’ll be some baseball too, which should be pretty sweet. Vladimir Nunez starts for Venezuela today against Julian Tavarez. Meanwhile, all the scouts in attendance will be hoping for a Yorman Bazardo appearance. Bazardo and Ronny Cedeno’s defense are the two big stories of the tournament as far as scouting goes.

[Update] Final: DR wins 7-1.  Venezuela and Mexico will slug it out for last place on Wednesday, while Puerto Rico needs a miracle tomorrow in the DR/Mexico game to make the final day relevant.

“Aguelita” is absolutely insane.  Today he did a 5-minute-long ice-fishing routine, where he pretended to hook a fish only to lose it 3 or 4 times and then finally pulled out a small plastic grouper to riotous applause from the Dominican contingent along the third base line.  He also spent a good two innings dressed as Zorro, marking each retired Venezuelan batter with a Z.  Tony Batista’s the favorite to get the series MVP award, but if I had a vote, it’d go to Aguelita.

Outside of Ronny Cedeno, Venezuela’s defense sucks.  I don’t have the numbers handy, but I don’t think they’ve had a game where they’ve committed fewer than 3 errors, and they’ve definitely given up multiple runs because of miscues every game of the series.

The standings:
Dominican Republic: 4-0

Puerto Rico: 2-1

Venezuela: 1-3

Mexico: 0-3

Puerto Rico will continue the Mexicans’ roll towards a winless tournament in about an hour.


February 5, 2007 - Posted by | Caribbean Series

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