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Jose Luis Arias Revisited: Age-Gate Alive And Well

I’ve been sitting on this for awhile for no particular reason and figured that the time between the first two games of the Caribbean series was as good as any to post it.

A couple of my first posts at GlobalBaseball were about watching the training sessions of one of the top unsigned Dominican pitching prospects, Jose Luis Arias. Arias was one of three Dominican clients represented by Scott Boras the 2006 international signing period, along with Carlos Triunfel and Angel Villalona (San Francisco ultimately did not negotiate Villalona’s bonus with Boras, leading to accusations of subversion out of the Boras camp). At the time, the 6’8″ righthander had auditioned for several clubs, and his trainers were talking about offers in the neighborhood of $500,000. At one point when I was there in August, Arias was thought to be within a day or two of signing a contract with the Yankees.

Recently I realized I never heard how Arias’ negotiations ended up, so I asked around and found out that he was busted for falsifying documents. The Yankees came through with a $350,000 offer pending a final tryout, which Arias wanted to accept immediately without further negotiation. His eagerness to sign prompted an investigation which revealed that the player everyone thought was 19-year-old Jose Luis Arias was actually a 21-year old named Arismendy Arias, who used his younger brother’s papers to elevate his prospect status.

The 21-year-old Arismendy still has a great pitchers’ frame and 2 intriguing pitches, so he could potentially attract enough interest to sign. However, his trainers have dumped him, and he’s no longer represented by Boras. Also, his fingerprints are still registered under the name Jose Luis Arias on official papers, so now that he’s been outed, he will have to clear that up on before looking for takers, so the odds aren’t in his favor.

While this particular player was caught, there are rumors about age swirling around several of the top Latin American signings from this year. Despite its relative lack of coverage, we know that age falsification is certainly still going on. Given the unreliability of government documents and the reluctance of teams, agents, and players to publicly out offenders, we’ll probably never know to what extent.


February 3, 2007 - Posted by | Signing Period

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  1. Do you know anything about Fernando Martinez’s age? There are rumors swirling about his real age. Can you find a definitive answer?

    Thank you and great website…

    Comment by Bill | February 5, 2007

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