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Caribbean Series, Day 2

I wasn’t about to even attempt any kind of coverage on the Mexico/Puerto Rico game that began at about 11:30 last night. We left the stadium a little before 3:30 in the morning, and the top of the 9th was just getting underway. The game did highlight an interesting problem with previewing events like the Caribbean Series: when you look at the names of the guys playing, the first thing you think about is how the lineups stack up. Though they didn’t show it in their 11-1 loss to Puerto Rico last night, the Mexican lineup stacks up pretty well with the other 3 teams. What I didn’t know was that their outfield defense would be among the worst I’ve seen since little league. Defensive miscues by the unit of Jon Weber (LF), Alfredo Amezaga (an infielder playing CF), and Luis Garcia (RF) cost the Mexican team at least 3 runs last night. In this afernoon’s game against the Dominican Republic, Mexico will have Karim Garcia – a below average right fielder in the majors – manning center field. God help us.

Onto the lineups:
Dominican Republic:

1. Anderson Hernández

2. Luis Polonia, DH

3. Miguel Tejada, SS

4. Tony Batista, 3B

5. Nelson Cruz, RF

6. José Fernandez, 1B

7. Alex Fernández, CF

8. Alberto Castillo, C

9. Bernia Castro, L

    SP: Jose Acevedo


    1. Alfredo Amézaga, 2B (probably safer than CF…God his defense sucks)
    2. Juan Canizalez, 1B
    3. Erubiel Durazo, DH
    4. Luis A. García, RF
    5. Karim García, CF
    6. Derek White, LF
    7. Vinny Castilla, 3B
    8. Herber Gómez, 3B
    9. Adan Amezcua, C

    SP: Pablo Ortega

    [Update] Top 6th, 4-0 Dominican Republic

    A Miguel Tejada RBI single followed by back-to-back jacks by Tony Batista and Nelson Cruz account for all of the scoring so far.

    A handful of Mexico fans showed up to the stadium in Lucha Libre masks.

    [Update] Top 7th, 9-0 Dominican Republic

    If this were the olympics (or little league), Mexico would very likely have had their first two games ended early via the mercy rule. The Mexican team sucks.

    [Update] Final, 9-0 Dominican Republic

    Highlights: 2 Tony Batista home runs, including an inside-the-parker.

    *I’ve now seen Nelson Cruz in person 4 times. In those 4 games, he’s hit 5 home runs.



    February 3, 2007 - Posted by | Caribbean Series


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    2. Haha…I don’t know, the best job in the whole world might allow me to afford an apartment with hot water during my travels…but to answer your question: a lot of luck was involved.

      Comment by jhelfgott | February 4, 2007

    3. Wait, the DR was playing Luis Polonia at DH? THE Luis Polonia?!?!? I think I love Caribbean baseball.

      Comment by Peter | February 6, 2007

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