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Revisiting International Bonuses


This year has seen an unprecedented amount of coverage of the international signing market. In many ways this is a very good thing. Amateur prospects had close to zero leverage 15 years ago in negotiating with major league teams. Around that time, agents began figuring out that there was money to be made representing top talent in Latin America and Australia, and the market for international free agents went up. Now that publications like Baseball America and ESPNDeportes have began publicizing names of Latin American players before they’re signed, the market will only increase, much to the chagrin of fans who love to whine about how much money baseball players make. To me, however, anything that helps even out the huge disparity between the domestic market for amateur talent and the international market is a positive step. There are still huge problems involved in the current system of which I can’t begin to even scratch the surface at this point, but the influx of agents and media are both positive steps in the right direction.

Baseball America started keeping a list tracking who signed for what during the first few months of the signing period, but stopped updating it (which the author of this blog would NEVER do…<cough>). So, I thought I’d fill in the blanks with all the information I know.

By country:

Dominican Republic:

Angel Villona, 3B, Giants, $2,100,000

Esmailyn Gonzalez, SS, Nationals, $1,400,000

Carlos Triunfel, SS, Mariners, $1,300,000

Francisco Pena, C, Mets, $750,000

Angel Beltre, OF, Red Sox, $600,000

Oscar Tejada, SS, Red Sox, $525,000

Manuel Solis, 3B, Rangers, $525,000

Carlos Martinez Urena, OF, Yankees, $350,000

R. Rodriguez, ?, Mariners, $280,000

Damian Taveras, 2B, Yankees, $200,000

Rey Lebron, OF, Mariners, $200,000


Jesus Montero, C, Yankees, $1,600,000

Larry Suarez, RHP, Cubs, $850,000

Balbino Fuenmayor, 3B, Blue Jays, $725,000

Mario Martinez, OF, Mariners, $600,000

Jose Pirela, SS, New York Yankees, $300,000

Ricardo Ferrer, P, Rockies, $250,000

Pedro Viloria, LHP, Padres, $160,000


*Juan Miranda, 1B/OF, Yankees, $2,000,000

*Yoslan Herrera, RHP, Pirates, $1,950,000

Yohannis Perez, SS, Brewers, $450,000

Sergui Linares, RHP, Pirates, $125,000

Dunieski Rodriguez, RHP, Braves, $100,000

Yunesky Sanchez, IF, Diamondbacks, $40,000


Jason Smit, SS, Indians, $350,000

Josh Wells, RHP, Blue Jays, $200,000


Young Il Jung, RHP, Angels, $1,000,000


Tseng-Seung Wei, RHP, Indians, $350,000

Sheng-An Kuo, RHP, Rockies, $150-200,000

The Netherlands 

Kalian Sams, OF, Mariners, $75,000

Ramon Romeijn, P, Mariners, $92,000

Anyone who knows any more bonus information is encouraged to post it.

Based on these known signings (which admittedly tell a very small percentage of the story), the Yankees and the Mariners were far and away the two biggest spenders, with the Yanks shelling out almost $4.5 million on 5 guys, and the Mariners spending about $2.38 million on 4. This was a big year for Cuban signings, and it looks like there’s another guy named Ryde Rodriguez who’s had the “5-tool” label applied to him and is looking to sign for somewhere upwards of $1 million.

With an unprecedented number of $million+ bonuses it will be interesting to see how many of these guys start in the US, and how many of them get pushed all the way to full-season ball to start their professional careers.


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  1. I am taking a baseball mission trip in July to Juan Dolio. What can you tell about it. Have you been there?

    I’ve haven’t really started my research project on it yet, so do you know of any websites (besides can help me with info?

    Thanks man,

    Comment by Brian from Mississippi | February 1, 2007

  2. Hi Brian,

    Juan Dolio’s about halfway between Santo Domingo and San Pedro de Macoris. I didn’t spend any time in the town itself, but it’s supposed to be a nice beach town. If you’re looking for Dominican Summer League games, there are plenty around San Pedro de Macoris, but they’re all pretty much in the boonies. The best way to find them is to go there, rent a car, and ask around (speaking Spanish helps a lot). Baseball City in Boca Chica is a great place to catch a game or two, and if you’re feeling advanturous, head out to Yamasa (about 20 minutes northwest of Santo Domingo) to see a Mariners game – they usually get the biggest crowds and most lively spectators. There are a few academies I remember the specific directions to, and others I have a general idea about, so if you need more info, feel free to hit me up.

    Comment by jhelfgott | February 1, 2007

  3. Brian ,

    I just finished selling a commercial plaza on the beach in Juan Dolio two months ago . I lived there from 1996 to just before 9/11 2001. If there is anything you want to know specifically about the area drop me a line . And i will gladly tell you anything I can !

    Juan Dolio is a great place and if you are planning on going to San Pedro for games you will be a few minutes away from one of the most famous ball parks in the country !

    good luck to you bro ,

    Eduardo S Fernandez

    Comment by Eduardo S Fernandez | February 19, 2007

  4. […] add salary information when I know it, but I don’t have any new information since posting my list of known international bonuses back in January.  For convenience’s sake, and because it’s important to me to see […]

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  5. Hello, ¿What´s the velocity of the pitcher Juan Mercano and Wilmer Font?.¿ what´s the true bonus of Larry Suarez 350.000K or 850.000K?

    Comment by Javi Flowers | March 12, 2007

  6. Don’t know the velocities of those pitchers Javi, but Suarez was signed for around $850,000.

    Comment by jhelfgott | March 14, 2007

  7. Thanks very match my friend

    Comment by Javi Flowers | March 14, 2007

  8. Javi,

    I just signed Wilmer Font and he threw in a Future prospects game for the Rangers on Saturday. He was clocked at 95mph.

    Remember his name, he’ll be going places fast.

    Comment by adrian | March 27, 2007

  9. thanks my friends, Thanks Jhelfgott and Adrian for the grand information.

    Comment by Javi Flowers | April 4, 2007

  10. Where is Wilmer Font assigned to this year? How are his secondary pitches.

    Comment by max | April 16, 2007

  11. Have the Red Sox signed any Latin baseball prospect in 2007 after the first phase of the international signing period.
    Thank you

    Comment by Alex | November 4, 2007

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    Comment by Чернявский | December 23, 2008

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    2. Уровень сахара близок к 1 – равновесие.

    3. Уровень сахара ниже нормы – чувство голода.

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